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Odds-Office is a software compilation (freeware), professionally dealing with football statistics, sports betting, the lottery and roulette.
Week by week, users will be able to multiply their chances of winning, supported by a variety of statistical information. All applications are designed to support users in developing and customising their individual ideas and methods.
Whether crucial goals in 90 minutes, the right numbers in lottery or roulette - the software is the tool to realistically give you an edge in the mix of chance, probability and statistics.

KMD's KVL Odds-Liga My 20 Professional

This league management is mainly aimed at sports betting. It is designed to easily record and process national as well as international team sport results, mainly football. It comes with a readily available database containing more than 600.000 results. For successful sports betting, it is crucially important to have the same information as the bookmakers. This software gives its users just that. Myriads of different functions offer a perfect in-depth view on individual fixtures for multiple markets. What's more, users find support in their weekly decision making by tendencies and tips.

KMD's Odds-Toto 7.3

This application is a German 'Toto' software (to pick 13 football matches that the national lottery offer on a weekly basis), and it can also be used for similar events in other countries.

KMD's Odds-Lotto 7.3

This application is a German lottery software which can also be used for similar events in other countries.

KMD's KVL Odds-Roulette 8.4 Artifical intelligence

This software enables users to perform any number of permanency analysis (frequency, series, misses), and to develop and test arbitrary roulette systems. It is virtually guaranteed to find many systems which work profitably over several days and weeks. However, each user will have to find out for themselves whether or not those systems stand the (online) test in practice.
The data mining module which is integrated in the software offers an additional, very interesting option. This type of 'probing' data analysis is unique, and it does not feature in the known roulette theories so far. Combinations and betting methods/patterns which guaranteed maximum profit at a specific table in the past, are identified and applied to future betting.